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Photo: Salmon Fishing on Elk River by Lois Miller / Rare Bird Arts
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MARCH 12   2012
RAIN: .00  inches
RIVER LEVEL: 3.?'+-  feet
Reports are for the previous 24 hours.

Elk & Sixes River

Highway Cams Courtesy of ODOT Trip Check
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Lois Miller

ODOT Trip Check Cam

Oregon Fish & Wildlife 2012 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations
You will find regulations for the Elk River on page 40 and Sixes River on page 43.

March 12, 2012:  River Level: ??? and steady    Rain: ??
Nothing to report as far as fishing... several have asked about the wind... the wind gauge on the cape is still out of commission. Winds across the dock reached 67 mph so far. Power was knocked out in some areas of Port Orford (north half of town), it's back on now. Branches etc. down all over the place, so if you driving this direction... be safe. ALSO NOTE: this page is moving so be sure you have entered www.FishPortOrford.com in you browser and bookmarked it!

February 29, 2012:  River Level: 3.6' and steady    Rain: 1.18" yesterday  Temp: 43 degrees  Color: murky green
Nasty storm yesterday, late afternoon a significant amount of hail fell from south of Langlois through Port Orford, and we had another hit already this morning. I guess my rain gauge bit the dust, so I don't have an accurate rain reading. There are storm warnings in effect until Thursday morning. Looks like it should just be a mix of clouds and sun for weekend fishing.

Steelhead Fishing on the Elk

February 27, 2012:  River Level: low and clear, no updates    Rain: .00" yesterday
Better get that fishing in today, apparently there will be 1.69" of rain coming down tomorrow with the projected storm.

I am also interested in knowing what readers think is missing from this website, keeping in mind that it needs to be simple and quick to maintain. Also, I have no control over the cameras... when the Battle Rock photo looks black and white, it's because the sun is obscured, and no sun = gray water, gray sky, gray land. (This was an issue in one irate email.) I'd rather hear you caught a fish, you don't even have to tell which river!

February 24, 2012:  River Level: low and clear, no updates    Rain: .04" yesterday
A little over a half inch of rain since the 21st. Little change in the river, but the outdoor temp has dropped into the 30s. It's 9am and it's 37 degrees. Have seen a rig or two at Sixes Store, but haven't been up Elk River to see how many are fishing the Elk. In other news, somebody rough graded the lot at Sixes Store, so maybe a few less cars will be lost in the potholes. It's isn't perfect, but better than it was.

February 21, 2012:  River Level: low and clear, no updates    Rain: .16" yesterday
Drizzle again today... have seen fishermen on the South Umpqua and Sixes. Rivers are low due to lack of rain, although we have had some every day for a few days. Spring is almost here, and likely, that's when it will start raining.

February 13, 2012:  River Level: low and clear, no updates    Rain: .39" yesterday
Left early Saturday, and there was already a fisherman waiting for first light to launch at Sixes... noted a number of fishermen on the Siuslaw River on the way back from Portland. We have had another quarter inch of rain this morning.... shouldn't be much change in the river.

February 10, 2012:  River Level: 4.8' and steady     / 48 degrees / brown /   Rain: .0" yesterday, .35 Wednesday" 
We are up to .43" for the month, plus .25" so far today... total .68" for February. Probably more on the way today. It's breezy, but the gauge on the Cape is still not functioning, the dock has recorded a high gust of 40 mph. NOAA reports rain or showers through Thursday.  No significant rain to change the river level.

February 06, 2012:  River Level: 4.8' and steady   / 45 degrees / green /   Rain: .0" 
Rivers dropped since the last report. No rain since the last half inch, the weather has been good on the beach, haven't even had much wind. Since the gauge is broken on the cape again, and we haven't had but a drop of wind, I'm guessing the 144 gust every 15 minutes for the last two days is probably wrong... high gust for the last two days over the dock was 18 mph, it's been beautiful here on the south coast... come enjoy! Also, don't know what the hours are... but Langlois now has at least four breakfast stops, full breakfast at the Greasy Spoon, store bought goodies from Langlois Market... muffins and coffee at La La Belles, and now we have Katie's Country Store (in the Piercy Suites building) for some pretty tasty cinnamon rolls to go.

February 01, 2012:  River Level: 4.8' and steady     / 48 degrees / brown /   Rain: .55" yesterday" 
No doubt there were plenty of fishermen out yesterday, several boat trailers were parked at Sixes Store early yesterday. So imagine there were more on the Elk. Rivers are all down from recent floods. Elk, Sixes, Coquille are all about the same green... Total rain for January on the beach: 19.25"

January 25, 2012:  River Level: 7.4' and steady     / 49 degrees / brown /   Rain: 1.30" yesterday" 
More of the same... wet and soggy. No sun, but the rain stopped. Hwy. 42 has a single lane traffic. Elk River was somewhere between mud and green last yesterday afternoon.

January 23, 2012:  River Level: 6.3' and falling    / 47 degrees / brown /   Rain: .75" yesterday" 
Highway 42 is closed, until they can remove the recent slide. Rivers are still out of whack from all the rain, however, today is sunny! Should be a good day to continue drying out.

January 21, 2012:  River Level: 11.0' and rising    / 48 degrees / muddy /   Rain: 1.42" yesterday" 
Elk River is rising again, with 1.42" of rain yesterday, and under a half inch since midnight. Not sure how the managed to get 38 open so quickly, but can tell you they had another slide on 42 around 7 last night according to ODOT updates, we came through about 7:30pm, and they had one lane cleared. Rain tally since January 1: 14.49" on the beach.

January 20, 2012:  River Level: 6.9' and dropping    /    49 degrees     / muddy /   Rain: 3.94" yesterday" 
Elk River crested at 16.5' at 1pm yesterday. No fishing for awhile. If you have to drive, please visit www.TripCheck.com for travel information. They are still showing travel alerts on 101, with high water south of Langlois, and a road slide south of Port Orford, although the roads remain open, with flaggers or warning signs.

January 19, 2012:  River Level: 14.7' and steady    /    46 degrees outside    / muddy /   Rain: 3.15" so far this morning" 
So far, since the storm began, we have had 10.63" of rain here on the beach.  Dock wind topped out at 69.52 mph.

Please, if your driving, be aware of alerts. The lights will be flashing for travel between Port Orford and Brookings, ODOT reports high water 3 miles south of Langlois, and between Langlois and Bandon. If you don't have to travel DON'T.  UPDATE:  Winds have dropped, and so has the rain... flooding is still occurring in some places, so drive safe!

January 18, 2012:  River Level: ?.-' and rising    /    46 degrees outside    / headed towards muddy /   Rain: .12" 
It warmed up to 44 degrees, and it's raining and the wind is blowing... however, the wind gauge shut down last night about 8pm, and it is windy Flat out storming: 99 MPH on the Cape, nearly 70 mph across the dock. .98" of rain yesterday, and another 1.26 this morning. ---- UPDATE: We are now at 2.09" of rain today, on top of the .98" last night... Sixes River is up and muddy, Elk is up and starting to discolor as of about 10:30am.

January 17, 2012:  River Level: 3.-' and rising    /    44 degrees outside    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .12" 
It warmed up to 44 degrees, and it's raining and the wind is blowing... however, the wind gauge shut down last night about 8pm, and it is windy the dock has already recorded a 45mph gust this morning. Not a good fishing day.

WARNING: HIGH WINDS ARE HERE-Gusts on Blanco are now over 60mph... Gust across the dock are nearing 50mph..the Humbug gauge is out of order,  Beach Rain:  .94" and raining.

January 16, 2012:  River Level: 3.-' and falling    /    32 degrees outside    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .12" 
Looks like hail fell in the night, and is now frozen. Looks like a pretty cold day today, as we seem to be stuck on 32 degrees.

January 15, 2012:  River Level: 3.3' and falling    /    32 degrees    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .12" 
Not enough rain to change river conditions, the cold will drop the water temp. Camas Mountain seems to have the most snow this morning.

January 13, 2012:  River Level: 3.3' and falling    /    42 degrees    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .00" 
No change in river conditions, as it continues clear and cold. Believe it or not, the forecast for Sunday includes rain and snow, along with a forecast for mostly rain over the next two weeks. For what it's worth, Farmers Almanac says about the same.

January 11, 2012:  River Level: 3.3' and falling    /    42 degrees    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .00" 
No change in river conditions, and this morning the water and air are the same temp. COLD (42)

January 09, 2012:  River Level: 3.7' and falling    /    47 degrees    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .00" 
No change in river conditions. It fogged up today, no rain in the forecast until the 18th.

January 07, 2012:  River Level: 3.7' and falling    /    47 degrees    / Clear/Green /   Rain: .00" 
Temperature outside is 39 degrees, a nice steelhead was caught on the Elk about X miles up.

January 05, 2012:  River Level: 4.0' and falling    /    49 degrees    / Clear /   Rain: .47" 
Just under a half inch of rain yesterday, windy nasty afternoon. River conditions remain the same.

January 04, 2012:  River Level: 4.1' and falling    /    49 degrees    / Clear /   Rain: .28" so far today)
No rain is predicted for today... however, we are already up to .28" since the no-rain began. They fixed the wind gauge on Cape Blanco... so today (4th) will be the first full day for wind.

January 3, 2012:  River Level: 4.-+' and falling    /    ?? degrees    / Color is  green /   Rain: .31" )
Elk continues to drop and clear. Should be in the 3' category... with just a bit of rain. Shouldn't see but a bit of rain on Thursday, if any... the rest of the week should be a mix of sun/clouds. Photo from Iron Head take out around noon today.

Our local fish checker reports the hatchery had 13.67" of rain in December (most fell between the 28th & 30th, flooding the low areas). According to records the lowest December rainfall was 3.1" in 1976, with the average rainfall about 20". As we all know, it was a very dry December, until the 28th. Saw plenty of fishermen along the river bank & boat. At the hatchery they had some good sized fish come in, that looked fairly bright.

January 1, 2012:  River Level: 5.1' and falling    /    45 degrees    / Color is murky green /   Rain: 1.10"  today)
I'm a little late this morning/afternoon... hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!   Looks like a bit of rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday possible. No rain, means the temperature has dropped, it's up to 47 at 1pm.

As the new year begins, I want to thank McNair Hardware and Rare Bird Arts for sponsoring this years fishing reports. I would also like to thank everyone who has dropped a note, it keeps me reporting! As always, Keep On Fishin'!

December 31, 2011:  River Level: 6.8' and falling    /    46 degrees    / Color is chalky green/brown /   Rain: 1.10"  today)
New Year's eve is cold again, it's 33 degrees this morning. The Elk River is still high.
High water signs were up at Sixes yesterday morning, many reports of places with water on the roads in the early hours. Most of the high water was in the wee hours of the morning, and didn't inconvenience many.  By early afternoon, even the water at Sixes on the north side of the corner was down, but the Sixes River was still high and muddy .

December 30, 2011:  River Level: 7.0' and falling    /    50 degrees    / Color is brown /   Rain: 1.69" (plus 1.02" today)
Revised report: Rivers are all out of whack. Elk River hatchery reports 6.24" of rain. The river crested at 14' and was around 12' this morning around 8am. Rivers are all muddy. Likely there won't be anymore Salmon fishing on the Sixes this year, as the season ends tomorrow. Elk falls and clears pretty fast... maybe fishing will be good on Sunday or Monday.

December 29, 2011:  River Level: 7.0' and falling    /    50 degrees   /  / Color is brown /   Rain: 1.77"
Seems nobody remembers, in the last 20 years or so, a December with no rain. The river is up and not fishable...

December 28, 2011:  River Level: UP    /    39- degrees   /     Rain: .83"
Wind and Rain... finally! So far we have 1.56" of rain (yesterday's .83 plus .75 so far this morning. Wind is still blowing, with the high gust 66 mph on the Cape this morning. 44 mph gust across the dock yesterday, with a high gust of 43 mph this morning. High winds are suppose to last until this evening. Rivers should be up.

UPDATE: Rivers are up, report is the Elk is up to 5.8' with several hundred fish hitting the fish ladder. They were just waiting for water in the river. My rain gauge is at 1.73" up from the .75 this morning.

December 26/27, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    39- degrees   /     Rain: .12" for Christmas .04 26th
Our fish checker pretty much confirmed the unusual low river level: 2.6', however, the river is a warm 39-40 degrees. He also noted that the December rainfall at the hatchery reached 1 inch. Need a foot to catch up with last year.

December 25, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: trace"
Merry Christmas! Saw a fisherman fishing the SS hole at Sixes, Friday. Starting to see salmon spawning both rivers. Rivers are truly at summer levels.

December 20, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
There just isn't much to report. River is still low, fish in the holes are dark. Rain is back in the forecast for next week. Maybe that's a good sign for steelhead fishing. For the record: Farmer's Almanac predicts scattered showers next week.

December 17, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Please, release dark fish, they are not good to eat, let them spawn. Many of us would like a healthy return for continued fishing. The river is extremely low, drifting the river is not advised.

December 16, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .04"
Heard there were a few fish seen on Elk River, didn't not hear of a catch. Sun is out, I don't see a drop of rain on the weather horizon for the rest of the year. (Sounds a bit odd, but there are only 8 fishing days left this year.)

December 15, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .51"
Just a half inch of rain fell yesterday, with .04 so far today. Showers are still in the forecast for today, with the sun expected to make an appearance tomorrow.

December 13, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    42-43 degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Water on both rivers is very low... more like summer levels. Our fish checker notes the Elk River is at 2.8', and very few fish are being caught. Fishermen floating the Elk are dragging boats over the gravel bars. Saw a couple fishermen at the SS hole at Sixes with boats, yesterday. Fishing is more or less dismal. Rain: looks like MAYBE we will get about a third inch on Thursday, not enough to make a difference in the river. Several days of rain are in the forecast mid-to-end of next week.

December 11, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Calm day, about 38 outside this morning. So far not a drop of rain in December, and both rivers have remained low. Today's rain is out of the forecast, with rain predicted for Thursday.

Since Lois Miller is a sponsor of this site, it is fair to say her calendars are in at the McNair Hardware. And on that note, she submitted several photos for this page, so here's something new.

December 10, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Continued low water. It is warmer this morning by about 10 degrees. I haven't heard of a fish caught this past week, although I am sure there were a few, none are in my freezer.

December 9, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    ??- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Continued low water. A few fishing at the Elk/101, nobody at SS at Sixes. Overcast today, rain expected Sunday, but only .04, enough to dampen things. 34 outside this morning. (34 at Battle Rock).

December 7, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    44- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Pearl Harbor Anniversary - Thank you veterans! More of the same cold weather and low water. Sunny day... temp. 33 at the moment (8:45am) (34 at Battle Rock).

December 6, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    44- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
We are now into the sixth day of sunshine, no rain, low rivers. BTW:  it's 34 degrees outside.

December 5, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    44- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Expect more of the same, cold clear weather and cold clear rivers.

December 4, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    44- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Fished the Sixes again yesterday, no fish.  Noted a few cars at 101/Elk and three fishermen in the SS hole at Sixes Store.  Our local fish checker was at 101/Elk am.  More of the same low, clear water and sunshine today.  Fish checker reports: that Friday there were 20 fishermen & Saturday there were 35 at the mouth of Elk River, with no fish caught. He also reports darker fish near the fish hatchery, and that the hatchery will do it's first spawn this coming week. Not seeing any rain in the forecast through the 18th, although there will be a few clouds that weekend.

December 3, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    48+- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Fished the Sixes yesterday, couldn't coax a fish on the hook. More of the same low water and sunshine today.

December 2, 2011:  River Level: Low & Clear    /    48+- degrees   /     Rain: .00"
Gone fishing. Little change in rivers. Fish caught here and there.

December 1, 2011:  River Level: Low    /    48+- degrees   /     Rain: .08"
Didn't get out to see what the last day of ocean fishing was like, opening of commercial crab season is delayed until the 15th, not a perfect world for local fishermen. The wind was up starting about 1pm yesterday, gusts are in the mid 20s on the cape this morning.  Welcome to cold.... 37 this morning.

November 30, 2011:  River Level: 3.0+'   /    48 degrees   /   LOW & CLEAR    /     Rain: .00"
Lots of boats offshore yesterday. Likely going to find better fishing near the mouth as the river continues to drop. Several good size fish caught on river guide boats. Fishing near the hatchery late afternoon yesterday was a bust here. .08" of rain since midnight. 

November 29, 2011:  River Level: 3.6'   /    48 degrees   /   clear green & falling    /     Rain: .04"

November 28, 2011:  River Level: 3.7'   /    49 degrees   /   clear green & falling    /     Rain: .71"
Caught nothing yesterday, it was slow fishing, saw one roll. Other fishermen reported a slow day as well.

November 27, 2011:  River Level: 3.8'   /    49 degrees   /   clear green & falling    /     Rain: .00"
Gone fishing early. Caught a jack and a hen yesterday on the Elk. The hen was nice about 18lbs. FISH IN THE FREEZER!

November 26, 2011:  River Level: 4.3'   /   49+ degrees   /   clear green & falling    /     Rain: .04"
It was a good day on the Sixes River yesterday... several nice fish caught, not everybody got one though.

November 25, 2011:  River Level: 4.8'   /   50+ degrees   /   green & falling    /     Rain: .35"
Great Day to be on the river! Sun is out, no wind, about 45 degrees outside. Rain information: I thought maybe this was the wettest November since I started this page, but discovered 2006 was actually the worst: beach rain was 16.89 inches. To date we are at 12.60".

November 24, 2011:  River Level: 5.8'   /   50+ degrees   /   murky green and falling    /     Rain: 1.57"
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2011:  River Level: 6.5'   /    ?? degrees  /   RISING    /     Rain: 1.10" Beach
Wind gusts are still in the 60s, current rain is hard enough to overflow the gutters. According our fish checker, this rain likely means the end of fishing at the river mouths, so you can get your boats out now. Likely the hatchery will open up the fish ladder shortly as well. Today is good for fish, but not fishermen. Expect the rivers to be up and muddy. Elk Hatchery had 1.44" last night (reminder the above rain is on the beach)  River is 6.5' and RISING

Also, anybody out there know who is providing shuttle service this year? Let me know please.

November 22, 2011:  River Level: 6.4'   /    51 degrees  /   brown & RISING    /     Rain: 1.42"
Smart fishermen will stay home. So far today we have another .59" of rain to add to yesterdays 1.42". Wind is still howling, with gusts on the cape still in the 60s. Last night it hit 83 mph. Wind is roaring across the dock with the high gust at 55 mph this morning.

November 21, 2011:  River Level: 3.6'   /    47 degrees  /   Clear & falling    /     Rain: .04"
Ran into a fishermen who caught his limit on the Elk Saturday, and saw other fish caught as well. It was a beautiful calm day yesterday for golf, however, the winds picked up last night (hence the 38 mph gust). Winds continue this morning 50mph up to nearly 70mph. Be careful!

November 20, 2011:  River Level: 4.1'   /    46 degrees  /   Clearing & falling    /     Rain: .04"
Skunked fishing yesterday on the lower Elk. Sun is out, no wind, this am.

November 19, 2011: River Level: 4.4'  & Green & Falling     Rain: .59"
River is falling even after nearly an inch and a half of rain. Everybody was out drifting the Elk yesterday, about 5 cars at the 101 bridge, drift boat on the Sixes SS hole (101). Not much caught. Hope today will be better.

November 18, 2011: River Level: 4.9'  & Green     Rain: .59"
River is down this morning, moving to green. .39" of rain so far today. Can't say how far the fish spread, but yesterday there was grumbling about only fishing the mouth. Hopefully, this changed today. 

November 16, 2011: River Level: 6.1'  & BROWN     Rain: 1.69"
Nice storm, brought in 1.69" of rain, with another .39 this morning. The river should be up, but have no report. (Coquille at Powers is up slightly (1/2' +), while the Chetco rose about 2') Thought is was pretty windy on the dock last night while we were eating, but reports say wind gusts were in the high 30s, while gusts on the Cape were in the 50s with two gusts hitting the chart at 60mph.

November 15, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .71"
Not sure this is enough to bring the river level up much. The surround river level reports have remained almost the same with just a very slight rise. Rain is predicted for the next few days, with clearing for the weekend.

November 14, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .04
Looks like we might get some rain over the next couple of days, hopefully enough to raise the streams and spread the fish. Our fish checker notes Saturday was a good day for limits on fish at the mouth of the Elk, Sunday was bit slower. He says (I can document) a very few fish made it up the Elk river during the high waters. Not enough to get anybody to fish. Nothing happening even on the private ranches below 101. So far today we have had .39" of rain on the beach, so expect more than that in the headwaters and the hatchery area.

November 09, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .08
Not a lot to report... no rain, so rivers are still low. Fishing has been slow, likely a few fish made it up past, 101, just not enough! A few fish are being caught on the private ranches on the lower Elk. Should be decent fishing at the mouth of the Elk this weekend, elbow to elbow. Fish checker reports about the same as the rancher I spoke with this week. Grumble. We need rain! Haven't been out to check the Sixes lately, haven't seen anybody parked at Sixes Store, so guessing any fish are at the mouth. Anybody fishing the lower Sixes?

November 08, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .08
New computer installed.... word on the street is the rain did bring a few fish, and fishermen have been spotted at 101, Sixes and Elk. The river raised about a foot, with the rain, but remains low. Unknown how far up the river fish scattered.

November 06, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: 1.89
1.89" of rain last night... river should be up... installed a new computer last night... and can't save my files for updates... be back as soon as I have something more than "read=only" that might be after golf.

November 04, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .04
A bit of rain before midnight and about .20" accumulated so far today. Wind gusts are already in the high 30s this morning. Couple of fishermen at the Social Security hole at Sixes yesterday, not likely they caught anything, but you never know.

November 04, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .43
Our fishchecker says the Elk rose slightly .10' give or take. Lots of fish in the lower river (no change there), not biting. He says there have been a few fish caught on the private ranches below the bridge (you need permission), and he hasn't seen much at the 101 bridge. I haven't seen any cars at 101, or Sixes. Sixes observer went out to the Sixes Day Use and forgot to note anything more than a few cars, so no report on the river being open yet. (This is a late Thursday report for Friday... I see the moon, so I doubt much will change by morning.

November 03, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .67
A little more rain, .67 last night and .12 this morning. It's suppose to rain for the next few days, with thunder and lightning here on the coast. I hear the grumbles about the fish being just off-shore and not being able to get in so we can catch them!

November 01, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .00
Sun is out again today, no change in the river levels.

October 31, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain last night: .28
Sun is out today, should be interesting fishing.  Still not enough rain to distribute fish throughout the river, but enough to cut the dust again.

October 30, 2011: River Level: LOW   Rain: .35
You will find more of the same today... low river, lots of fishermen.

October 29, 2011: River Level: LOW
Our resident fish-checker pretty much validated what is happening. Fishing was good last weekend, and has slowed up, with 100s vying for fish.  .28" of rain on the beach, likely a little more around the hatchery, not enough to change river levels.

October 28, 2011: River Level: LOW
Clouded up today, but don't know if it's going to bring rain.  Farmers' Almanac called for some stormy weather through the 27th, with it turning and becoming fair and chilly from today on.   The weatherman says rain tomorrow.

October 27, 2011: River Level: LOW
Fishing was slow at the mouth yesterday afternoon. About 100 fishermen. No fish in my freezer yet. Hope you all have better luck.

October 24, 2011: River Level: LOW
No fish today, several caught, some big ones caught earlier in the day... about 50-60 fishermen still at the mouth late this afternoon.

October 23, 2011: River Level: LOW
No fishing, but golfing was good.  Busy fishing weekend. Our resident fish checker notes a couple 40 pounders were caught at the mouth, most are getting their limits... the downside: about 100 fishermen a day.

October 21, 2011: River Level: LOW
Salmon fishing slow, nice cutthroat, he ate three of my anchovies.

October 18, 2011: River Level: ??
Not enough for the freezer... but great for dinner!

October 17, 2011: River Level: ??
There were two fishermen in the Social Security hole at Sixes Saturday. Doubtful they caught anything. Had an email with a photo... so here it is. Nice fish!

I hope we aren't eating another fishing license this year... according to Farmers' Almanac, it doesn't look like there will be much rain in October. Their call is for unsettled weather through the 19th (Medford was calling for possible rain tomorrow, Tuesday). The almanac says it will clear through the 23rd, becoming stormy from the 24th to the 27th... turning fair and cold through the end of the month.

If you need a guide, please check the bottom of the page. Just added a fly fishing guide.

October 9, 2011: River Level: ??
Boats on the Coquille quadrupled or more as we passed over the Coquille yesterday. Word is somebody caught a fish at the mouth of the Elk, but that is not confirmed. Two cars on the Elk River bridge in the morning, and somebody scoping the river later in the afternoon. Determined to have a salmon in the freezer this year... probably try the mouth (Elk) later this week.

October 6, 2011: River Level: ??
Total rain since the 1st of October: 4.01 inches. Will be back when there is news. For now, enjoy the sun.

October 5, 2011: River Level: ??
Rain yesterday topped out at 1.50", and we have had .12 this morning already. Rivers are inching up, but even the Coquille at Powers is only about 1.5 feet.

October 4, 2011: Rain: 1.38" River Level: ??
9:45PM Update: Really wasn't much to report this morning, but this afternoon the hazardous travel lights were on for those headed south. About the same time it was pouring, plus this last hour it has POURED faster than gutters can handle the rain. We should see the rivers rising from their low summer levels. Coquille at Powers is up.

October 3, 2011: Rain: .87" River Level: Low
Word is those fishing by boat off the mouth of the Elk weren't having much luck. That may change with this rain that over three days totals 2.01". Our local fish checker notes he will put the creels in about mid-month. This wasn't enough rain for hatchery reports, so this rain is my beach gauge.

October 1, 2011: Rain: .55" River Level: Low
Still not enough rain to keep this report daily

October 1, 2011: Rain: .04" River Level: Low
Still not enough rain to keep this report daily.

September 27, 2011: Rain: .20" River Level: Low
Another .63" of rain fell this morning. Gust on CB yesterday was 49 mph. A quick check of surrounding river levels indicates there wasn't enough rain to change current "summer" river conditions.

September 25, 2011: Rain: .20" River Level: Low
Total rain was actually .40", however, .20" was last night, and another .20" this morning, with the high gust on CB at 60 MPH. Not enough here to make a difference in the stream, but no idea what might have fallen in the headwaters.

September 24, 2011:
Storm is brewing... wind has already hit 60 MPH on the Cape... will fishing be earlier this year?

September 22, 2011:
Client of Rick Howard noted he bagged two fish on the Coquille, and was headed back out today. That's all the info from the golf course! Nothing like fishing and golf!

September 19, 2011:
Fishing Reports for 2011 Coming Soon! Passing through Gold Beach yesterday, noticed numerous boats on the Rogue.


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